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Q. When is the Reservation Launch date so I can secure my spot for MusicFest?
A. Reservation Launch for MusicFest 2019 will be August 27th, 2018 at 10am CST. On reservation launch day, call the Dickson Productions office at 512-295-3300 (Local), 1-888-754-8447 (Toll-Free) or 00-1-512-295-3300 (International). Please be patient, phone lines will be busy. We personally take each reservation to assure your reservation is confirmed to your specifications. Read more about making reservations here.

Q. How do I sign up for MusicFest?
A. Call Dickson Productions during “reservation launch.” You may experience busy lines or be placed on hold. Please be patient as we assist each customer as quickly as possible. It is well worth the time to get on board for this one-of–a-kind, premier festival. Once Dickson Productions receives your deposit, we will confirm your reservation (based on availability) and email your receipt. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation and applies to your package. Remember: first come, first served!

Q. Does the $100.00 apply to my trip?
A. Yes!

Q. How can I better my chances to make reservations before the festival packages sell out?
A.  With these three simple steps:
1. You (and those wanting to attend the festival with you) should all sign up for the online newsletter and stay tuned for the reservation launch announcements.
2. Once the website is updated (announced via the online newsletter) be sure to review and have several lodging choices in mind.
3. Call immediately when reservations launch. Please be patient and understand that phone lines will be busy. You will eventually get through.

Q. Why does the festival sell out so fast?
A. Lauded by musicians and fans as the “The Super Bowl of Texas Music,” that nickname kinda says it all. Known as the premier and unique festival combining sport, song, and adventure with a like-minded community. People creating memories for a lifetime. Good people, great music, best of times.

Q. What should I do if the festival sells out? 
A. If/when the festival is “SOLD-OUT” immediately sign up on the Waitlist found on www.themusicfest.com. The Waitlist will be utilized in the order received.

Q. What does the trip package price include?
A. The MusicFest package is an exceptionally affordable package comparable to nothing of its kind. The price includes 5 nights lodging, 4 full day lift passes plus one night skiing pass for Steamboat’s incredible world-class skiing and The MusicFest credentials for a marathon of genuine music and great times. Add $89 for tax&services. These HIGHLY discounted rates extend to even the most prestigious and luxury lodging MusicFest offers. Be sure to review all MusicFest lodging to determine the best vacation experience for you and your guest(s). To put into perspective how much you save; if you purchase a four day pass at the “window” in Steamboat, you’d pay $640*! This “$640” four day pass is INCLUDED in your MusicFest package.

Q. Where can I find information on airfares, air availability and airport to lodging transfers?
A. Click here for information about airport shuttles and direct (or routing) flights into Steamboat (Hayden) the closest major airport to any ski resort and Denver airports. Plus, see information to contact Steamboat Central Reservations for air reservation questions and purchasing. (Dickson Productions, Inc. does not sell air or shuttle transfer services).

Q. When will the schedule of performances and final artist lineup be available?
A. The official MusicFest event program and schedule will be provided at check-in. This program will provide details on the day to day performance schedules at a multitude of exclusive MusicFest stages, venue locations/description, artists’ information, specials and much more. Schedules will only be posted via the (optional) MusicFest Mobile app prior to this (fee may apply). MusicFest is known for announcing additional artists in the on-site schedule. Also, stay tuned to the online newsletter for new artists updates.


Q. What is the “Extended Stay?”
A. More and more MusicFest Attendees are arriving earlier, staying later or both, to enjoy more world-class skiing, get settled in or relax before/after the big fest. Get a little more fireside or hot tub time or take advantage of potential discounted flights or ideal flight schedules. If you would like to add extra nights to your MusicFest package, call us at 512-295-3300.

Q. When is the balance for my trip due?
A. Final payments for MusicFest 2020 are due October 22rd, 2019 by 6:00 pm CST.

Q. How do I pay my balance?
A. Easy. You’ll receive an invoice from us soon after you make your reservation. We accept payment online via our website pay via PayPal here, by calling our office at (512-295-3300), or by mailing a check. If mailing a check, please make sure to note your room leader so we know which reservation to put you under. (for your security, credit card information is not kept).

Q. Can a group of friends stay in the same lodging location?
A. If you have a large group of friends or soon-to-be friends, you may request rooms close to each other or a whole floor dedicated to your group. Based on availability at time of request.

Q. What if I don’t ski or snowboard?
A. We provide you with a “non-skier” discount book. Not only are there numerous non-skier activities available in the resort (see listed) but, the overwhelming amount of unique music and activities in this beautiful setting will keep your schedule as full as you desire. As one of the (non-skier) musicians noted, “the skiing and snowboarding is only a perk to all you could possibly want with the concerts, outdoor shows, acoustic shows, songwriter tributes…”

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Q. Can I purchase a festival pass or individual concert ticket for MusicFest performances?
A. A VERY limited number of 4-day music passes MAY be made available, (THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THIS TICKET OPTION WILL BECOME AVAILABLE). Details of how and when to purchase these credentials are provided via the MusicFest online newsletter. See MusicFest newsletter link on this site to sign on. If there are no individual concert tickets available feel free to enjoy the daily free MusicFest outdoor concerts.

Q. Is there a way to assure that I can get back on the MusicFest next year?
A. Yes. If you are a MusicFest attendee, you will have the exclusive opportunity to have first rights to make a reservation for the following year. Look for the details in the MusicFest welcome bags at check-in and stay tuned to the MusicFest E-Newsletter and sound media for ” Pre-Reservation” announcements.

Q. How can I assure my reservations are made before the festival is sold out?
A. The MusicFest has sold out for 19 consecutive years. Stay tuned to the online newsletter for reservation launch dates. Before calling in, have an idea of the style, price range and the size condo(s) you will need. If you have a mid to large size group, do your best to know the exact number in the group and type of lodging that will best accommodate everyone. Don’t wait to make your reservation. If you miss this year, be sure to sign up on the online waitlist.

Q. Can you tell me about the MusicFest DVD “No Sleep till Texas”?
A. It’s three years filming of this premier festival by five MusicFest musicians. Professionally produced and edited, it captures the “behind the scenes” scenes! Plus footage of live performances, fans, artists interviews and much more as seen by the unique and sometimes hilarious perspective that only some MusicFest artists could catch on film. Plus, additional footage provided by ME TV (Austin, TX). A great collection for the seasoned MusicFest attendee, first timer or anyone that enjoys genuine music. Get your DVD when making your reservation. (Some convenience fees apply.) Proceeds benefit The Center for Texas Music History and the five musicians.

Q. Do I have to be a good skier or snowboarder?
A. No. The skill level in Steamboat ranges from beginners to extreme experts. We encourage beginners by offering a MusicFest highly discounted full day lesson at a third of the cost of most other resorts. No matter how you ski, everybody has a blast!

Q. Are there Dickson Productions staff members on-site?
A. An experienced staff of over 70 Dickson Production representatives and associates will be in Steamboat to oversee all operations and to answer any questions. Dickson Productions has an onsite office in Steamboat with set hours. Contact information will be provided at check-in and listed online. Stop by and visit us at the desk, or catch us at any of the many events.

Q. How does Dickson Productions offer these trips so inexpensively?
A. Simply, buying power. Dickson Productions is the largest ski group of its kind in the nation. We supply the highest quality accommodations and services. Plus, the music, extra events, and activities are largely supported by sponsors and Steamboat Ski Resort, you get it for free at no added charge to your trip price.

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Q. What is “Champagne Powder”?
A. (Sorry, it’s not a new drink) It’s light, dry, fluffy, powdery snow that is easy to ski on. It’s unique only to Steamboat, a result of Steamboat’s location in the Rockies. Another reason Steamboat and the MusicFest is so famous!

Q. What’s the difference in lodging?
A. The MusicFest offers the widest variety of QUALITY Condos, Lodges, and Hotels, second to none! The majority of our accommodations are ski-in/ski-out (not just ski-out) or situated just steps from the slopes. Also Steamboat’s “design” provides the nightlife, concerts, and restaurants within walking distance from most lodges. Plus, there’s an elaborate free shuttle system that takes you just about everywhere including the grocery store. No need to drive! Lodging is inspected by DP associates for quality, amenities, and service. Check the web or call us for more information.

Q. How do I get there?
A. Air, motor coach or drive, it’s up to you. Because Steamboat is an easy, beautiful drive, many choose to drive from all over the country. Others choose to fly; Steamboat has the closest major airport of any resort in the Rockies, about 20 minutes from the slopes, or fly into Denver and take the shuttle.

Q. When do I get my lift tickets?
A. Lift tickets and pre-purchased highly discounted ski and snowboard rentals will be provided at check-in, along with event credentials, activity guide, sponsor “care packages,” discount book, trail maps, and other goodies.

Q. Are the highly discounted ski and snowboard rentals high-quality equipment?
A. Absolutely. We offer the upgraded sports package (not the standard recreation equipment). Our skis, boots, and poles offered are the newest equipment available. You may request high-performance equipment; you’ll be charged an additional fee starting at approximately $10.00 per day for this equipment.

Q. Are the rental shops easy to get to?
A. Yes, and the shops offer on-site storage so you don’t have to carry your equipment. These shops are located on or very near the mountain base or next to your lodging. For your convenience D.P. offers more rental shop locations than any group trip.

Q. Is it easy to get my pre-reserved discounted equipment?
A. When you pre-purchase highly discounted rental through DP, you are treated with the highest priority. This includes additional quality equipment, increased staff for quick service, extended hours of service, and DP has many rental companies participating to assure better and faster customer service that you desire.

Q. How much do I save on rental equipment by pre-ordering through Dickson Productions?
A. About half the cost of retail. That’s right, 50% savings!

Q. Can I get a refund for my unused lift ticket?
A. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the lift ticket refund policy as set by the Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation.

Q. Should I purchase travel insurance?
A. DP highly advises travel insurance of your choice in the case of any type of trip cancellation, interruption, or other issues. Click the banner below for more information or consult your own provider for details.


*based on SSRC 2016-Jan 2017 lift ticket rates