What They’re Saying

The MusicFest sells out in record time, is heard on live radio broadcasts across the country and beyond, in addition to TV shows, and documentaries. The event has been recognized as “history in the making” and labeled by artists, fans and the music industry as the “Super Bowl of Texas Music.” The MusicFest inspires blog entries, journals, unsolicited articles, and even songs.

Pages of message board posts by excited fans and friends counting down the days, making road trip plans and discussing the who, what, when, and where of MusicFest. Most already know the why.

With participants last year spanning 50 states and several countries, odds are you’ve heard about it in one form or another, the “BigSkiTrip,” “Steamboat Music Festival,” or “Party in the Rockies” in Steamboat Springs, Colorado each January. Simply and primarily renowned as “The MusicFest,” the festival boasts six days and five full nights of incredible skiing, parties, and a concert line-up more staggering than even some of the most seasoned and highly trained show-goers can manage.

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