Bruce Robison

Releases: Bruce Robison & the Back Porch Band (2017),Our Year (2014), Cheater’s Game (2013), His Greatest (2009), The New World (2008), It Came from San Antonio (2007), Eleven Stories (2006), Happy Holidays (2006), Country Sunshine (2001), Long Way Home from Anywhere (1999), Wrapped (1998), Bruce Robison (1996)
Years at MusicFest: 11

Bruce Robison grew up in Bandera, Texas, which he calls “this weirdo little place that had such an effect on me.” It’s where Robison, his brother, Charlie, and their sister, Robin Ludwick, fell in love with Willie, Waylon, Hank and other country luminaries, and started writing their own tunes. Eventually, Bruce’s songs turned into hits for George Strait (“Desperately”), Tim McGraw (“Angry All the Time”) and the Dixie Chicks (“Travelin’ Soldier”). He also has recorded on his own and collaborated with Charlie and others as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, harmonica player and producer/engineer. After doing his last two albums with his wife Kelly Willis, they’re back to creating separately. Robison has been making music professionally for decades. He still discusses his craft with so much enthusiasm he sounds almost like a kid raving about superheroes. That infectious energy is evident in every note of his new album, Bruce Robison & the Back Porch Band, as well as his new project, The Next Waltz, a blossoming community of artists, fans and friends gathering both virtually and at his recording studio in Lockhart, just outside of Austin. The Next Waltz sessions are documented on video, along with interviews in which Robison, speaking artist-to-artist, often draws out stories journalists don’t. In both cases, the point is to celebrate country music’s rich traditions while giving creativity free rein to go where it might, as long as it’s somewhere worth traveling. It’s also about celebrating Robison’s “love of the craft of song.” “Writing is where it all starts for me,” he explains. “Whether it’s my writing, or songs I want to do with somebody else. I love the mechanics of it; how simple it can be.” Bruce’s acoustic performances are always a favorite at the MusicFest.

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