Check In Info


Check-in will be at the locations listed below based on your arrival date. A Dickson Productions representative will be present at each of the locations to issue your lift tickets, pre-purchased ski rental voucher, MusicFest wristband and schedule of events. Each person must present a valid photo I.D. when registering. 

DO NOT unload your luggage until you have received your room key. Each room must provide a credit card (NOT a debit card) to activate the phone and for room charges.


Check in Locations

snowflake Checking in January 4th (12-9pm) snowflake

snowflake Checking in Any Other Day snowflake


Thank you for skiing with Dickson Productions. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 512-295-3300.

Below is the Dickson Productions’ holiday schedule:
Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm CST.
December 21st – 10am to 2pm
December 22nd through January 15th – Closed
(Please email with any questions during this time)

See On-Site Information (in check-in procedure links) for location and time for our on-site office in Steamboat.


Important Phone Numbers

Police/Fire: 911 

Steamboat Snow Conditions

SST (Steamboat Springs Transit)
Shuttle System:

Road Conditions:
Dial 511 or 303-639-1111 or visit


The MusicFest Check-In Information:

Steamboat Map 

Pre-Purchased Ski & Snowboard Rentals will be issued the evening of check-in or the following morning, whichever is more convenient for you. You will receive a rental voucher at check-in, which will inform you of the rental location to pick up your ski equipment. All locations are next to the mountain and have “overstaffed” for quick service.

Snowboarders- Please Note:
When checking out your snowboard equipment in Steamboat, you must provide a credit card imprint.

Rental Hours for MusicFest:
You may pick up your rentals from 8am to 7pm on check in day, January 4th or check with your individual rental location. Rentals are for consecutive days only and must be returned on the last day of rentals. Don’t leave skis and boards unlocked or unattended.

Flight Information: For flight and transfer questions booked through Steamboat Central Reservations contact 800-922-2722   

What to Bring: The following is a sample list. Others may be obtained at sporting goods stores or ski shops:

  • Ski Jacket
  • Goggles
  • Lotion
  • Thermal Wear
  • Ski Pants
  • Ski Hat / Headband
  • Swimsuit
  • Gloves / Liners
  • “Layer-type” Clothing
  • Scarves
  • Snow Boots

Ski Lessons: If you have never skied before, take advantage of the “First Time, Never Ever” lesson program. Simply take your lift ticket with the coupon from the Steamboat MusicFest Savings Booklet (available for free at check-in) to the main office of the Ski School across from the Gondola. This is a $219 value, full-day lesson for $25.00. Snowboard lessons for $25. Advance lessons may also be purchased at the Ski School.

Event Calendar, Dickson Productions’ Discounts, map of concert venue locations, etc. will be given out to you at check-in. Also, check out The MusicFest at Steamboat mobile app.

Damage and Credit Card Authorization: Upon checking in, the room leader will need to put a credit card on file for any incidentals. Within one hour of check-in to your room, report any item that is broken or out of order. If not reported to your hotel, you may be held responsible for past tenant’s damages.  Each unit will be checked prior to your departure and damage settlements made before you checkout.  You and your roommates must pay all phone and miscellaneous charges before departing or RISK CHARGES ON YOUR CARD. If you and your roommates do not meet all of the reservations requirements as outlined in Dickson Productions’ MusicFest Tour Terms & Conditions (“Agreement”) or by the hotel, you risk obtaining incremental charges. Clean up-charges may apply where applicable.

Check Out: Check-out of room by 10am. Be sure to clean room, place trash in trashcan and run the dishwasher.

Lift Tickets: Your Dickson Productions package includes a 4 day QuickTrax Card. Steamboat is implementing new hands-free QuickTrax Cards that utilize radio frequency identification technology. This means faster, smoother, hands-free access to lifts, more time on the slope and no more paper lift tickets.

Lift cards are valuable and should be treated like cash.  Should your card become lost, stolen, or damaged, there will only be a $5 replacement fee if you have the Quick Trax Card number.  If you do not have the QuickTrax Card number, you will receive NO reimbursement.  We strongly recommend you take a photo of your QuickTrax card immediately upon receipt.

Additional days may be purchased only at the Main Ticket Office In One Steamboat Place for $60/day.  You must present your MusicFest 4 day used QuickTrax Card along with your MusicFest wristband to purchase.

Wristbands are issued at check-in and must be worn the entire week. This is your ticket to all exclusive DP activities, discounts, and concerts by Dickson Productions. If broken, take the broken wristband to a Dickson Productions representative for a replacement.  WRISTBANDS WILL NOT BE REPLACED IF LOST OR STOLEN OR TAMPERED WITH IN ANY WAY.

Roommate Changes: If you need to switch rooms and all parties agree, do so on your own, but please inform the accommodating front desk. If you need to do a name change on a MusicFest package, you may do so at your MusicFest check in location.