Dalton Domino

Releases: Corners (2017), 1806 (2015)
Years at MusicFest: 3

There’s a perfectly natural reason as to why Dalton Domino’s debut LP, 1806, carries a varied and unpredictable quality to it. Domino is filled with the wandering spirit of a storyteller that’s never content with simply drawing from the tales of others. Over his life, he’s lived in a number of places, some of them such as Frisco, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, might as well be on different planets. Although he’s also lived in Alabama and Mississippi, Domino says Lubbock, Texas, has been, and always will be home. Another driving factor to Domino’s wide variety of influences is in the musical upbringing he enjoyed. Whether it was the hymnal singing of  his grandmother, or the 1950’s Sun Records his grandfather would play, Domino soaked it all in. Over the years, he has kept the fuel for creating original music from his own viewpoint burning on high. With musical heroes ranging from Lubbock legend Terry Allan, to Bright Eyes – it’s clear Domino wants his music to hit the listener in both the gut and the mind. Domino’s tragic and triumphant travels through musical and geographical terrain have led him to become a man with serious things to say, and music is the one true way he can fully express it. Dalton released his new album Corners in the spring of 2017.

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