Jason Eady



Releases: Jason Eady (2017), Daylight and Dark (2014), AM Country Heaven (2012), When The Money’s All Gone (2009), Wild Eyed Serenade (2007), From Underneath The Old (2005)
Years at MusicFest: 10

Although country music was Eady’s first love, he was exposed to the musical stew of the lower Delta — blues, soul, R&B and primal swamp rock — while growing up in Jackson, Mississippi. Eady was singing and playing guitar in local bars by the time he was 14. He began writing his own songs, but the live music culture in the Magnolia State was geared to hits and classics rather than original music. After serving a stint in the U.S. Air Force as a translator, he relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, where he began attending open mic nights to blow off steam after work. Soon he developed a following. Surprised to learn that Texans appreciated his original music over cover tunes, Eady was encouraged to step up his songwriting and step away from his day job, never to return. Jason Eady’s inspired album Daylight and Dark embraces multiple styles of die-hard country music to weave together a collection of songs about the deep, messy details of love and life. Eady’s swaggering musical palette and adult approach to timeless topics like love, loss and yearning have helped him find a new, larger audience whose members now welcome him wherever he travels. His self-titled, 2017 album continues in this same vein. Expect to see Eady is solo performances, song swaps, and duets with his wife Courtney Patton at MusicFest 2018.

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