John Evans

Releases: Polyester (2016), Lollygaggin’ (2009), Lucky 13 (2008), Sideshow (2007), Ramblin’ Boy (2006), Circling the Drain (2005), Out of Control (2002), Biggest Fool in Town (2000)
Years at MusicFest: 3

Standing at six-foot-five, adorned in polyester, with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes, Texas-born musician John Evans is hard to miss when he takes the stage. Big hair, horn-rimmed glasses, bell-bottoms and vintage cowboy boots may be part of his iconic look, but it’s his contagious energy and memorable sound that captures the audience. As a performer, if Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello were to have a love child, John Evans might just be it. But it is also his songwriting that built his legacy as a troubadour over the past 20 years. Evans’ life journey has revolved around performing, whether on the football fields of Texas in his younger years, or on stage at venues scattered across America. His journey began by earning his keep and his education through athletics, and later by entering the realm of Texas roots rock music as he took to the road. When he isn’t songwriting or touring with the John Evans Band, Emily Bell or El Trio Grande, Evans is an award-winning producer who creates albums with an untouchable southern elegance, ranging from bluesy rock-n-roll to rootsy country music. Look for the infamous trio song swap plus a vivacious, classic solo performance that only Evans can deliver.

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