Johnny Chops


Releases: Sticks & Stones (2013)
Years at Musicfest: 4 (solo)

Johnny “Chops” Richardson lives in Austin, TX and has been writing and performing music for over 15 years. Most of those years have been as bass player for hard touring Texas troubadours, The Randy Rogers Band. Several of his tunes have made their way onto the band’s albums, including “Wicked Ways,” which was selected to perform on the bands appearance on Late Night with David Letterman; “Last Last Chance” which garnered a Texas music chart #1; and “10 Miles Deep.” Johnny’s songs have undoubtedly become a staple of the Randy Rogers Band’s live show. In 2013 released his first album as a solo artist, Sticks & Stones. Stylistically a departure from his previous cuts with the Randy Rogers Band, his new music is a unique and unprecedented mix of punk, blues, country, and guitar driven rock ’n roll. What began as a simple collection of extra songs with nowhere to go has become a labor of love with a growing number of live shows to showcase them.

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