Jonny Burke

Jonny Burke - MusicFest Official Lineup 2015

Releases: Along, Alone, Alright (2017), Jonny Burke EP (2014), Cup Runneth Over (2012), Distance and Fortune (2011)
Years at MusicFest: 11

Jonny Burke is one H shy of sharing a name with the lyricist behind “Pennies from Heaven,” “Misty” and other Great American Songbook entries. But when it comes to what might someday be called the “Great Americana Songbook”, he won’t have to worry about ID mix-ups. Burke’s work is as distinctive as the landscape of the Texas Hill Country where he was raised. It would be a mistake, however, to assume the geography of his upbringing automatically puts his music into college-country/red-dirt territory. His latest album, Along Alone Alright, on his own Dream Car Records label, stakes out turf in a wide-open space where artists freely mix folk and blues with a pinch of country twang, a dose of rock swagger and a whole lot of heart. Burke’s been stirring those elements together since he and a childhood pal started the Dedringers when they were 15. After their amiable 2009 split, Burke moved to Topanga Canyon, California. He stayed three years, exploring the L.A. music scene in-between tours with artists like James McMurtry and Ryan Bingham. The weather and surf were powerful attractions, but like most Texans, he was finally lured back—though he managed to perform in all 48 contiguous states before he turned 30. Burke believes in the life-transforming power of a single song. Even when the song ends, it can happen again—each time someone listens, or flips through a someday songbook and reads a few lyrics. Maybe they’ll look to see who wrote them, and notice a name hanging in the corner. Without an H.

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