Kelley Mickwee

Kelley Mickwee / MusicFest 2015

Releases: You Used To Live Here (2014)
Years at MusicFest: 10 (solo and with The Trishas)

When most artists decide it’s time to begin a new phase of their career, more often than not they’ll chalk it up to a need to step outside of their comfort zone. But ask Austin’s Kelley Mickwee about the impetus for her first-ever venture into solo waters after years of being a duo (Jed and Kelley) and group member (The Trishas), and she’ll tell you it was a matter of survival. Of course she’s long since proven that she can sing, having taken formal voice lessons since she was 7 years old. After Jed and Kelley broke up, Mickwee moved to Texas. She continued singing onstage with famed songwriter Kevin Welch, and her sultry Southern drawl seasoned the Trishas’ trademark heavenly harmonies with smoke and earthy grit. She also played guitar and mandolin with the band and found her voice as a songwriter, co-writing seven songs on High, Wide and Handsome and many more since. Mickwee never harbored any illusions about any of this “going solo” stuff being easy. But at the end of the day it all comes down to just making music and singing, and she’s been doing both long enough now to know that’s all she ever wants to do. You’ll see her at some incredible shows during The MusicFest including a Trishas reunion, all-star acoustic show, and more!

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