Kimberly Dunn

Releases: New Smoke Show Vol. 1 (2017),Forever on the Run (2014), The Road (2012), One Foot Over The Other (2011), Wood, Strings & Words (2011)
Years at MusicFest: 4

The first thing that gets you about Kimberly Dunn is her friendly and spunky personality. Once she starts strumming her guitar and singing in a country voice both tender and powerful, you’re hooked. Dunn’s debut as a singer-songwriter took place her senior year at Texas A&M during the Battle of the Bands contest. The only solo acoustic contestant out of 30 acts in the battle, Dunn walked onstage with confidence, kicked off her high heels with a laugh and started into a guitar riff, as she stomped out a rhythm on the stage’s hollow floor. It was only her fourth live performance as a singer-songwriter (the others were the preliminary rounds) and yet Dunn had an instant hold on the audience as well as the attention of managers Scott Willson and Will Harrison. Dunn went on to record her debut EP, One Foot Over The Other, with Harrison producing. Everything seemed to be happening fast, but it’s going according to a plan Dunn conceived while in high school. Dunn wanted to be a vet at a young age, but after seeing Eric Johnson in concert, and buying a guitar the next day, she switched her long-term goal to a music career. “When you think about how far Kimberly has come since her first gig, you realize that, yes, musical talent has a lot to do with it,” says Willson. “But it’s also because Kimberly is so much fun, such a force of nature.” Still, Dunn seeks complete seclusion when she writes songs. Building her material on the melody, she’ll record her ideas but won’t play them for anyone until she feels that they’re complete. Dunn is known to turn up the heat on the MusicFest stages year after year, and 2018 will be no different.

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