Koe Wetzel

Releases: Noise Complaint (2016), Out on Parole (2015)
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2018 Debut Artist

Koe Wetzel and a group of East Texas boys came together in 2011. By 2015 they had an instant hit album, Out on Parole. This album created something that fans could tap their boots to as well as reminisce about their small hometown that never seems to change. The fiddle licks and guitar riffs combined with Wetzel’s smooth, energetic vocals bring a new sound to “Texas Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Koe Wetzel recently released a new album Noise Complaint in 2016. The album’s release started a trend of the band selling out venues across Texas and word of Koe Wetzel’s music spread like a wildfire. Now backed by an incredible band that includes Andres Rocha on drums, Mason Morris on bass, Michael Odis Parrish and Jerrod Flusche on lead guitar, Koe Wetzel brings a high-energy performance matched by few. Don’t miss this young up-and-comer at MusicFest 2018.

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