Kyle Hutton


Releases: Longest Days, Shortest Years (2015), Thank God for the Band (2010), More Like Me (2006), Coming Home (2001), Small Price to Pay (1999)
Years at MusicFest: 4

Kyle Hutton, singer-songwriter and founder of Real Life, Real Music, is a self-professed inspiration junkie. His music explores the landscapes of hope and regret, redemption and addiction, faith and doubt. “I’ve always been for the underdog. I love stories that leave me inspired and cheering the main character on” says Kyle. It’s the same hunger that brought about Real Life, Real Music and influences the direction of every episode. Like the rising underdog, Hutton’s journey seems to be inching him slowly toward his destination. His songs have been recorded by artists Roger Creager, Walt Wilkins, Perfect Stranger, and more. His first four albums house Texas Music chart topping singles and collaborations with songwriting heroes like Radney Foster. While only time can unveil what the future holds, it will find Hutton on the road putting one foot in front of the other. “I’ve seen enough to know that I don’t know what this life holds. But I do know that I get to choose how to spend the time I have left. For me that means faith, family, music and talking about things that matter.” For a show unlike any other, don’t miss the Real Life, Real Music performances in the “On Air” MusicFest Media Lounge. We’re grateful to Kyle for his role in “Faith in the Water,” a song released shortly after Hurricane Harvey whose proceeds provide aid to the storm’s victims.

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