Nikki Lane


Releases: All Or Nothin’ (2014), Walk of Shame (2011)
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2017 Debut Artist

Like a modern-era Wanda Jackson, Nikki Lane turns the vulnerable singer-songwriter stereotype on its ear, crafting songs that crucify ex-boyfriends and have no problem with one-night stands as long as she can bolt town right after. Her cooing-yet-brutal vocals are a perfect fit with an aching, mournful guitar. Born in South Carolina, Lane moved to New York City and, after a messy breakup, picked up a guitar and set her sights on a music career. But the cost of living in New York proved to be too high an obstacle, so she turned to Nashville, a city she had visited extensively. Once in town, she released the 2011 album Walk of Shame to rave reviews, as well as opening High Class Hillbilly, a pop-up vintage clothing stall, where a chance meeting with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys turned into a full-fledged partnership for her 2014 album, All Or Nothin’. “He pushed to find the right feel for each track one by one, and a few months later I found myself with a damn good record.” MusicFest got to enjoy a surprise performance when Nikki was asked to jump on stage by an artist that recognized this talented lady. This year its official!

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