Sam Riggs

Years at MusicFest: 5
Releases: Breathless (2016), Outrun the Sun (2013), Lighthouse (EP, 2012), Hairpin Trigger Heart  (EP, 2010)

Sam Riggs is a wild live performer, an inveterate risk-taker and an enthusiastic adventurer. As a self-sustaining, independent singer/songwriter, he’s taken a leap of faith on more than one occasion, always willing to back up his plunges with a voracious amount of work. The sense of daring is a key element in Riggs’ brand of country, a rock-infused sound with a chip on its sonic shoulder from a guy who counts Garth Brooks, Foo Fighters, George Jones and Blink-182 among his influences. Between the swampy, thumping hard-rock crunch of “Angola’s Lament,” the mysterious darkness of “Long Shot” and the feverish snarl of “High On A Country Song,” all of those raucous, rebellious elements find their place inside the boundary-pushing attitude on the two albums and two EPs Riggs has created on his own dime since 2010. Riggs’ last album – the 2016 release Breathless debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. To date, he’s racked up more than 2.2 million streams on Spotify and a number of his singles hit the upper levels of the Texas charts, including “Hold On A Let Go,” “High On A Country Song” and “Second Hand Smoke.” To top it off, Riggs picked up the Texas Regional Radio Award in 2016 for Top New Male Vocalist.

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