Susan Gibson

Releases: Remember Who You Are (2017), The Second Hand (2014), Tightrope (2011), New Dog Old Tricks (2008), Outer Space (2005), Chin Up (2002)
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2019 Debut Artist

Anyone who meets singer-songwriter Susan Gibson will know immediately that her family is the core foundation in everything she does. Whether it’s hearing her stories from the stage at one of hundreds of live shows around the country each year, sitting in on a songwriting workshop or coaching session with her, or running into her on the street in your town while she’s walking her 5 dogs on a break from driving to the next show,you will hear Susan speak of her family. A song that Susan penned at her parents’ kitchen table while in college has been a cornerstone of her career. “Wide Open Spaces” was written as a college kid’s cry for independence, but after The Dixie Chicks made it the title track of their 1998 debut, Gibson’s song has been woven into the family stories of countless people setting off on their own, whether it’s going to college for the first time or adventuring into one of the many new roads life takes us on as we grow older. “Remember Who You Are” is Gibson’s latest collection of songs. Gibson takes time to reflect on her upbringing and some traumatic events in her life. The topics, which include cancer, alcoholism and a deadly flood in the town where Gibson lives, are painful but all addressed in what feels like just the right way. The MusicFest is excited to welcome back such a phenomenal singer/songwriter.

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