Suzy Bogguss

Releases: Lucky (2014), American Folk Songbook (2011), I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas (2010), Sweet Danger (2007), Swing (2003), 20 Greatest Hits (2002), Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2001), Live at Caffe Milano (2001), Suzy Bogguss (1999), Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt (1998), Give Me Some Wheels (1996), Greatest Hits (1994), Simpatico (1994, with Chet Atkins), Something Up My Sleeve (1993), Voices in the Wind (1992), Aces (1991), Moment of Truth (1990), Somewhere  Between (1989),
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2017 Debut Artist

Suzy Bogguss is one of country music’s most pristine and evocative vocalists. With the release of the Illinois native’s 1989 major label debut, Somewhere Between, Suzy quickly became one of the key artists that defined those golden days of ’90s country. She scored a string of Top 10 singles with country radio staples like “Outbound Plane,” “Drive South,” “Hey Cinderella,” “Letting Go” and “Aces,” and her 1991 album of that name was certified platinum. In addition, she scored a trio of gold albums and notched more than 3 million sales. With her latest album Lucky, a collection of songs all written by Merle Haggard, the singer comes full circle, returning yet again to her early inspiration, Haggard—Suzy’s debut Somewhere Between was titled after a Hag cut. Not that Lucky is a tribute album. Of that, Suzy is adamant. Lucky is remarkable in its freshness. Its acoustic-based arrangements, while sparse, crackle with vibrancy. Each song is driven by the perfect marriage of Suzy’s delicate voice and the adventurous, yet tasteful, playing of the band. It’s indicative of what Haggard himself would do in the studio. “These are the songs that I related to, that I felt I had a reason to sing,” she continues. Throughout Lucky, Suzy’s bohemian spirit (for nearly five years, she lived in and traveled the country by camper) is palpable. And she hopes both her fans who have followed her since the ’90s as well as devotees of Haggard will do likewise. “He really is the poet of the common man,” say Suzy. Or in this case, an extraordinary woman.

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