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The MusicFest Magazine Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Issue

Want to know what chickens and Oklahoma have to do with the best advice Koe Wetzel has been given? Sign up to get your FREE subscription of The MusicFest Magazine to find out. The new issue of the MusicFest Magazine will be hitting the streets this month!…Read More

The MusicFest Magazine Winter 2017-2018 Issue

Get all these answers and more in the upcoming issue of The MusicFest Magazine! Get the magazine delivered for free – CLICK HERE! Want to know the answers to: What festival has been labeled The “Super Bowl of Texas Music” by fans and artists alike? What is one…Read More

The MusicFest Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 Issue

The new issue of the MusicFest Magazine will be hitting the streets this month! Look for it on magazine racks in venues, stores and college campuses across the southwest United States. The MusicFest Magazine is always available online, just click here! The MusicFest Magazine is…Read More

A History of Schroeder Hall

By Stephen Dean Just shy of 20 miles west of Victoria, Texas lays the town of Schroeder, home to the second oldest dance hall in our Lone Star State. German immigrants began moving to the area in the 1840s and slowly built up the community…Read More

Let It Snow – With Bri Bagwell

The MusicFest Magazine sat down with Bri Bagwell and asked her about her MusicFest experience, the Nashville scene, and her new single. Here’s what Bri had to say… 1. When was your first trip to MusicFest, and what memory stands out most? I went to…Read More