Trevor G. Potter

Years at MusicFest: 6
Releases: Potter County & Points Far Beyond (2010), Curbside Vacancy (2006)

Singer-songwriter Trevor G. Potter has performed live music for over 20 years in numerous states around the country. Potter grew up in southwestern Ohio, but his travels have taken him to many a destination. Having lived and worked in Michigan, Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, he has seen his fair share of the road. After finishing college he left for the mountains of Wyoming and then on to Colorado where he worked as a brew master, a ranch worker, a radio programmer and personality and a professional musician. He also spent time putting his education in anthropology to use as a seasonal park ranger in Chaco Canyon New Mexico. He has produced two CD’s of acclaimed original music, Curbside Vacancy and Potter County & Points Far Beyond, which have been described as “acoustic Americana from the road and the wrong side of the tracks.” Welcome back from your New Zealand tour!