Whiskey Myers

Band Members: Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Gary Brown, Jeff Hogg
Years at MusicFest: 4
Releases: Mud (2016), Early Morning Shakes (2014),Firewater (2011), Road of Life (2008)

Whiskey Myers makes honest music. Loud and proud, they sing about what they know with a refreshing directness and clarity. Some call it rebel music, but it’s more like everyday soul. Their songs are stories of celebration, mourning, trials and triumph, with relatable characters and situations. Through the quality of these songs, and the band’s undeniable power in concert and on record, Whiskey Myers has attracted a devoted army of outspoken fans. As their chemistry onstage and in the studio reflect, Whiskey Myers is a brotherhood. The five members cut their teeth together, honing their chops side-by-side from an early age. Hailing from Neches, Texas, Cannon was given an acoustic guitar by his grandfather, and guitarist John Jeffers’s dad taught them both the rudiments of the instrument. A job at a sporting goods store introduced Cannon to future lead guitarist Cody Tate, forming the songwriting core of the band. Upon moving to Tyler, Texas, they picked up drummer Jeff Hogg and enlisted Cannon’s cousin Gary Brown on bass—even though he’d never played the instrument before. What came next was a blur of gigs, songs, struggles, and victories. The resultant sound, taken to its apex on their most recent album Early Morning Shakes, is hard-driving and immediate, steeped in the rich legacy of southern rock.

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