The Dung Beetle Saloon

Dung Beetle Saloon, MusicFest, The Steamboat Grand

The magic of the “Dung Beetle Saloon” began 1,300 miles away and over 50 years ago in the back of a convenience store in Hallettsville, Texas. Hoffer’s Drive-In was the home of the original “Dung Beetle Saloon” and became a place where local farmers, ranchers, and lively folks were allowed to drink their beer and chat about whatever came to their minds. Since the store no longer allows drinking on the premises, Dickson Productions decided to bring this country store legend with a Western flair to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so that you can say, “I hung at the Dung!”. Hosted by established and newcomer artists, this acoustic setting also offers an open mic opportunity for those wanting to share their craft with the most influential music aficionados.