Zane Williams

Releases: Snapshots (2016), Texas Like That (2015), Overnight Success (2013), Ride With Me (2011), The Right Place (2009), Hurry Home (2006)
Years at MusicFest: 5

What makes Zane Williams stand out is his songs… Like mini movies, they pull you in, tell you a story, make you laugh, and remind you of life’s deepest truths. Zane wrote all eleven songs on his latest album, and while they cover a broad range of sonic and lyrical territory, his unique voice runs through them like a thread that ties them all together. Respected by his fans (the Zaniacs) as a down-to-earth family man, Zane is also a charismatic entertainer on stage and a prolific songwriter. It’s a rare combination of abilities that just may make him a superstar, especially among country music fans hungry for an alternative to today’s pop and hip-hop influenced “bro country”. Zane has earned a reputation for releasing albums on which every song is worth listening to over and over, and Snapshots is no exception to that rule. Zane is an anomaly in today’s country music, a modern-day “throwback” who is equal parts bar-room entertainer and introspective poet. If you ask the crowd of Zaniacs at a show just what they love so much about the man and his music, they might tell you it’s his genuine smile, or the way his songs seem to come straight from the heart, or how he sings about real life in a way that real people can relate to. For all these reasons and more, they keep coming back time and time again to get lost in the music. Zane’s full band and solo shows are simply remarkable and his chilling rendition of “God Bless the USA” as MusicFest honored all those serving was a performance that people will remember for a lifetime.

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