Charlie Shafter

Releases: 17th & Chicago (2008)
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2019 Debut Artist

Charlie Shafter, is a young singer-songwriter with an old soul – and a knack for forging a connection with just about anyone who crosses paths with his songs. Shafter cut his musical teeth in his home state of Illinois, and eventually moved to Texas to make a living playing music. On his self-titled debut album, the 26-year-old Shafter weaves ten richly-toned tales that recall iconic writers such as Townes Van Zandt and Elliott Smith, songs that range into acoustic blues and the grittier side of country-rock on a panoramic trek through blue-highway Americana. Shafter doesn’t write songs that grab you by the lapel and shake you into listening; they’re more likely to throw an arm around you and whisper their way into your consciousness. Welcome to The MusicFest.

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