Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers

Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2019 Debut (as a band)
Releases: Love is Blood (2018)

On a Sunday morning in 2001, Kevin “Frenchie” Sciou was sleeping on the couch of an Arizona home when he was awakened by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter singing “Storms Never Last.” It was no recording; the parents of Frenchie’s then-bandleader Shooter Jennings were gently stirring a house full of late-night partiers and bandmates before making breakfast. Just two months earlier, Frenchie had been in L.A. with nothing but a backpack and $200, answering ads for ‘guitar player wanted.’ While in L.A., Frenchie was asked to audition for Shooter’s band, where he was quickly offered not only a gig but a place to stay. Things were happening fast for the hotshot southpaw guitarist from Nimes, France, who funded his move to the U.S. by selling a Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar. You can’t really play the blues until you’ve paid some dues, and for Frenchie it’s been a rough and tumble 20 years since jamming with blues legend Lucky Peterson in France to the recent formation of his own band. After a couple of years of gigging with Waylon, Frenchie moved to Texas to join Wade Bowen’s band, and eventually, Jack Ingram’s band. It was Brother Pete Coatney (also one of Ingram’s bandmates) who encouraged Frenchie’s move to front and center, forming a duo with him and recording their debut Love Is Blood in 2018. Frenchie says “the highlight of my musical career was becoming a U.S. citizen” in August of 2016. “I have followed an uncommon path, never been married nor held a regular job, so becoming an American citizen solely based on my musical merits was the greatest day of my life.” From his humble beginnings to today’s adventures, make no mistake – Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers is an all-American band!

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