Mike McClure Band

Band Members: Mike McClure, Eric Hansen, Taylor Reed
Releases: Live at the Beach (2014), 50 Billion (2011), Halfway Out of the Woods (2010), Zero Dark 30 (2010), Onion (2009), did7(2008), Foam (2006), Camelot Falling (2005), The Burtschi Brothers & The Mike McClure Band (2004), Everything Upside Down (2004)
Years at MusicFest: 5

Mike McClure is a prolific songwriter, renowned band leader, and respected producer. Born in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, McClure first learned to play music at the age of thirteen on an electric guitar his father won in a poker game. After blowing up his first amplifier and replacing it with an old stereo speaker, McClure formed his first garage band. He played local gigs throughout high school and college until founding the Stillwater, Oklahoma band, The Great Divide, in 1993. He performed and recorded with The Great Divide until 2002 when the band went their separate ways. He released his debut solo album Twelve Pieces shortly after. In 2004, he formed the Mike McClure Band and released Everything Upside Down. McClure calls his new band “twice as loud and half as popular” as The Great Divide, but after the release of ten albums in a seven-year period, it’s safe to say that this band isn’t slowing down anytime soon. McClure’s songs have been covered by many country and Red Dirt greats including Garth Brooks (“I’d Rather Have Nothing”) and Cross Canadian Ragweed (“Fighting For”). He has also produced albums for Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Whiskey Myers, and Turnpike Troubadours. Don’t miss this highly influential artist that many at The MusicFest hold in the highest regard.

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