Sum Brothers

Band Members: Drew Womack, Tim Womack, Tres Womack, Luke Adair, Josh Droegemeuller
Releases: Debut Album (February 2018 – with an exclusive “pre-release” at The MusicFest 2019)
Years at MusicFest: MusicFest 2019 Debut Artist
Tim Womack – 2 Years at MusicFest
Drew Womack – 4 Years at MusicFest
Tres Womack – 5 Years at MusicFest
Josh Droegemeuller – 4 Years at MusicFest
Luke Adair – 4 Years at MusicFest

When the talents of brothers Drew, Tim, and Tres Womack are combined with the styles of Luke Adair and Josh Droegemeuller – the result is the Sum Brothers. Often found performing on the same stages, but at different times, the Womack brothers’ musical evolution can be traced through festival lineups across the years, including The MusicFest where Tim’s band The Phaze performed during the early years, and Drew has had several solo performances. Recently, Tres, Josh, Luke and their band the Chubby Knuckle Choir have brought their joyful noise to the Rocky Mountains as well. While this may be the first official collaboration of the three Womack brothers, sharing a stage together is nothing new. Drew and Tim Womack were key members of the Waco-based band Sons of the Desert. Drew wrote and co-wrote nine top-10 hits during his time in Nashville as well as releasing a self-titled album that earned two Top 5 singles. Tim garnered songwriting credits for Aaron Tippin, John Anderson and more. Meanwhile, Tres, along with Luke Adair and Josh Droegemeuller, were jamming along as the Chubby Knuckle Choir. The Sum Brothers will not only be celebrating the formation of their band this January, but also the release of their debut album. Expect to hear the best of Sons of the Desert, Chubby Knuckle Choir, their solo efforts, and the new Sum Brothers album during their MusicFest 2019 performance!